Balancing cybersecurity and regulatory compliance


If you manage financial transactions, handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII), private customer data, or operate in markets controlled by security requirements, you need to demonstrate security compliance to avoid penalties and meet customer expectations.

Rigorous regulations like PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and GDPR have become more prevalent as a response to constant crippling data breach afflictions.  However, attackers seem to be one step ahead of these regulatory defenders by constantly changing their attack vectors as new technologies become available, such as artificial intelligence and automated bots.

The result of regulatory requirement is that they become outdated fairly quickly in the cyber world.  Compounding the problem is that regulation guidance are made publicly available, essentially providing hackers a roadmap to breaking defenses.  By the time governing bodies overseeing these standards implement measures to fix these vulnerabilities, it's already too late.


We can help you meet industry requirements and prepare for certification and ongoing audits.  We understand the unique requirements of the world's most highly regulated industries.

Our services approach will serve a dual purpose:

We can provide our clients with PCI/HIPAA subject matter experts to assist with applying and implementing privacy/breach notifications rules, writing PCI/HIPAA policies, and integrating with other applicable laws and regulations.

  • Help satisfy PCI & HIPAA compliance by inventorying and categorizing your applications to understand which security related requirements you must meet to achieve certification and pass ongoing audits, and
  • Help your organization defend against the most modern and advanced attacks affecting your industry by biding better defenses to protect the modern attack surface, and by practicing  good cyber hygiene.

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