We understand the obstacles that hinder demand for cyber coverages:

iQ-Cyber can help

The Cyber Insurer's Perspective

  • Dearth of data - due to the lack of historical cyber breach data, insurers are challenged to build predictive models that can assess probability of loss.
  • Cyber attacks keep evolving - even as insurers collect more data and hone predictive models based on prior cyber attacks, the underlying exposure keeps changing.
  • Education gap between brokers and consumers - brokers are experts in insurance, but when it comes to cyber insurance there can be a knowledge gap as to when, how, and why cyber insurance needs to be pitched.
  • iQ-Cyber can educate your insurance agents and provide your team with formal training to ensure that you have duplication of skills to evaluate your client's cyber risks.
  • Our consultants will create procedures and documents that clearly outline how a cyber risk assessment process works.
  • We will also use checklists and templates to ensure that following the assessment process os easy.  This approach will increase the confidence of the team members who knows that they're not expected to just "figure it out" when the time comes to conduct a cyber risk assessment.
  1. We can provide the technical arm or augment your existing staff (through our managed services) to conduct a actionable risk assessment of a prospective client site.  We can provide the cyber expertise to close the knowledge gap that typical undermines the insurer's confidence in underwriting and pricing.
  2. We can help close the education gap between the broker and consumer
  3. For knowledge transfer: