Since our inception, iQ-Cyber has been totally focused on delivering an Agile Business Process philosophy to cybersecurity.

We accomplish this goal by identifying methods that continuously improve our client's security posture.  Our approach will institutionalize security tactics so that the outcomes of security efforts are repeatable and predictable to address recurring cyber compliance  requirements, but agile enough to react and address zero-day and advanced persistent threats.

Why iQ-Cyber

For most organizations, cybersecurity is no longer a technical activity, but has become a strategic business process.  Cybersecurity can not be separated from business processes.

Organizations must now have methods or standard frameworks (i.e. OWASP SAMM/ASVS) to consistently deploy mature security practices, to communicate capability levels in meaningful terms, and to prioritize risk and justify security investments.  Given a simliar technology tool-set and technical experience, the quality and outcome to a security issue should not vary significally because of who performs the activity or the context of the problem being addressed.

Our exceptional reputation mirrors our abilities because we have a staff that brings more than 18 years of experience delivering mature cybersecurity services to federal and commercial customers in the Washington D.C. metro area and the nation